To broaden our reach in order to find the best, most loving and capable homes.


Homes that can help, support, develop and improve the puppies we produce.


(GK's Cradle to the grave policy)

Goliath Kennel has a responsibility to every

HAND RAISED puppy we bring into this world.


From its first breath to the last it receives, in the new homes we chose for them.

It is our responsibility to ensure that they get to live the most comfortable lives they deserve.


If for some reason this is no longer possible and there are no more capable homes then the breeding should cease as well.


To someday create a non-profit safe haven  for pre-loved, abandoned and mismanaged giant dogs.


Giant pets of which the previous owners can no longer provide for or maintain.

GOLIATH KENNEL | Caucasian Ovcharka - Giant Alaskan Malamute PH

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