Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Much?


AM: 60 - 120K 

CO: 100 - 160K



Q: Do they need to stay in an Airconditioned Room?


AM & CO: Preferably yes, "Island Born's" (Born here in the PH) have somehow adjusted with the help of the Dam. Compared to our Imports who seem to need time to adjust to our climate. 

Imagine yourself wearing a fur coat, you'll live but its uncomfortable as hell.

It's the humidity of your area you should really worry about.


Q: How much food do they eat? 


AM & CO: They usually consume 500g - 2 kilos depending on the season. or your arm and a leg if you forget to feed them. 



Q: Aggression / Do they bite?


AM: NO, if an Alaskan Malamute becomes aggressive towards people there is something really wrong with the way you raised it. AM's are initially perfect for first-time, active dog owners.  If you're lazy or not physically active you might want to consider getting a Bulldog.


CO: Hell YES! A Caucasian Ovcharka's (shepherds by nature) role in life is to protect.  He is genetically programmed to protect those he deems weaker than him and will consider everyone else as a threat.  Think Airport Security.  During their puppy stage while they haven't decided on who needs protection they are very approachable and you will be able to cuddle them as much as you want. Once a CO has chosen his / her master and he becomes aggressive, *correction PROTECTIVE the best bet is to play dead. Don't worry this is not The Revenant. 


They usually find comfort in sleeping near doorways, gates or in an elevated position where they can survey what's going on in the area. 


CO's are NOT for first-time dog owner's you must match the level of intensity they have when it comes to discipline and training or do tremendous research and be sure to commit yourself into owning one. 


GK will not sugarcoat the nature of this breed just to earn a quick buck. 



Q: How much will they cost to maintain?


AM & CO: As much as buying a Brand New Fortuner or again your arm and a leg. 

Monthly maintenance = Php 10,000 / month / dog x 12months x 12years (lifetime) = Php 1,440,000


Daily: Php 300

Monthly: Php 10,000

Annually: 120,000

Lifespan: 1,440,000


Unless you consider feeding them your leftovers or really cheap and unhealthy dog food, if that's the case, close this window look for another breeder.


We insist that you provide them the very best, the least that we will consider is providing the best for the first 2 years in order for them to reach their full potential.

(Please read our blog about the importance and benefits of Premium dog food.)



Q: Grooming?


AM & CO: At least once a week if kept outdoors, Twice a month if they are kept indoors. Shedding for both is usually twice or thrice a year, depending on a number of factors like, dog food, living conditions, skin conditions etc. Once they start shedding indoors, expect your house to be a winter wonderland.



Q: Can you ship anywhere? 


AM & CO: YES. Except for Hong Kong, Dubai and Australia... for now.



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