A deposit is required to reserve your puppy and officially be placed on the Goliath Kennel Waitlist (GKW).

ALASKAN MALAMUTES 25,000 (25% Reservation Fee)

CAUCASIAN OVCHARKA 35,000 (25% Reservation Fee)


The GK Waitlist will only accommodate 4 people per litter/pairing.

Puppies are chosen in the order of when deposits are received.  


1st Pick Female

2nd Pick Female

1st Pick Male

2nd Pick Male


All deposits are non-refundable.  Your deposit comes example, if your puppy cost is Php 80,000, then you will owe a balance of Php 60,000.   We will transfer your deposit to a future litter if the sex or color you prefer is not produced.   If you are unable to wait for a future litter or choose not to get a puppy from us then your deposit will be lost.  off the price of the puppy.   For 


Buyers must choose their puppy within the first 2 weeks of the puppies being born.  Once the puppies are born and you choose your puppy, you must make a payment to bring your non-refundable deposit amount up to 50% of the cost of your puppy.


Your non-refundable FULL PAYMENT of is required by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old or after the 2nd vaccine.  This allows us a couple of weeks to arrange shipping or delivery of your puppy.


The agreed price of the puppy shall not include shipment fee's needed. If you wish to pick up your puppy from our kennel you may do so when they are     9 - 12 weeks old and you may deliver the full payment in person.  


If the pedigree/papers are unavailable on the agreed RELEASE DATE of the puppy, leave us your address and give us at least 2 months more to ship it to your doorstep free of charge. 

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