Alaskan Malamute

GK's Puppy Classification:

             Goliath Kennel is a "Hands On" kennel.  We are very proud to say that we always have our boots on the ground, from the moment the puppies are whelped all the way until we pass them on to their qualified and loving owners that we spend time getting to know.  While building a support group for each other assisting them with recommendations and techniques on how to handle and care for the puppies.  Our commitment goes further beyond than just selling and disposing just like pet shops.  


While the puppies are with us, from bottle feeding, weaning to releasing, Goliath Kennel also takes the extra effort in getting to know all the puppies we produce and we have come up with a category in order to help the owners understand the attitude, capabilities ABC and Dand attributes of their puppies.  With that said we have somehow learned to classify them into 4 groups. Type


Although, oftentimes this is not 100% accurate and will still change depending on the way they were raised by the owners. 

Type A 

The Alpha 


Extroverts by nature, this is usually the heaviest, healthiest and most expensive of the bunch. From birth they already weigh significantly heavier that the rest, about 600 - 700 grams.  They are very confident and will not NEED or crave so much attention and affection. The alpha's are very confident about themselves and will usually play the role as they age.  They will instinctively  dominate / bully any household with existing pets and will claim the throne of being the Alpha.  Occasionally they will also watch over their siblings during mealtime but will take their fare share first.  


The Alpha usually sleeps away from the group, while also having the tendencies to sleep away from the owners. They will insist on what they want, so the owners will have bigger shoes to fill in signifying their role as master / pack leader they will have to earn the respect of the alpha in order to prove that they deserve the respect of the Alpha. During walks, they will also consistently try to walk ahead of you. You should't allow this and remind them that they may be the Alpha but you are the Master. 


When it comes to mating the confidence of the Alpha is high enough to know what to do, but sometimes too much confidence and they might also have the tendency to force themselves on the dam to get what they want.  It is also natural for these guys to consistently mark their territory by peeing all over the place. 


There is no sweeter feeling than having a loyal alpha by your side, once you have earned their respect.



Puppies of this category are: 


Molotov of GKennel

Moose of Guia Castro

Hunter of Wayne Pamposa

Jugga Jr. of Red Batucan

Gustavo of Rodney Hall 

Silverthrone of Ailora Masilang

Dillingham of Bang Bang Baluag

Hrazdan of Patty & Ian Gallardo


Type B

The Balanced 

Introverts by Nature, this is most well balanced of the group most of the girls belong to this category, they are confident enough not to find the need to challenge the Alpha but also patient and affectionate enough to wait for their turn.  From birth they usually weigh on close 2nd to the Alpha about 550 - 650 grams. The Bravo is usually the servant leaders they will stand by a corner during feeding time and wait for the others to finish or simply not rush into the chaos.  Although when very hungry they do have the tendency to fight for the security of their piece of the pie. 


The Type B's are usually well behaved and the owners will sometimes feel that they are sad or there's something wrong but usually they just might be waiting for the owners to take the lead. They will need affection from time to time to dignify their good deeds.  It is best to simply encourage and reinforce their behavior in order to enjoy each others company.


When it comes to mating these are the guys who will take time to persuade the dam, and are very gentle. 


The Bravo's are the easiest bunch to deal with and by no means weaker than the Alpha's



Puppies of this category are:


Luna of Joseph Javellana

Katyn of Edward Benoza

Pushkin of Kevin Gayoso

Boomer of Glen Tapan

Katkovik of Sofia Soriano

Hyder of Ma. Luz Perez

Girdwood of Giselle Diaz

Qvirila of Hiroshi

Janga of Dr. Dane Salvador

Type C

The Cuddliest 

This group will really make the back of your hair raise. They are extraordinarily strong willed and the most active. They are the ones who will start a ruckus trying to wake up their sleeping siblings to play. For these guys they find playing more important than food, thus from time to time we will always catch them playing with their food or water.  


This group will be real a challenge to the next owner.  Owners of which we are very proud of because they have just the same amount of dedication, determination and stubbornness to take on the Type B's.  This group will have the tendency to rip your room apart and give you the cutest grin or puppy eyes that will make your heart melt while nodding your head in frustration. They may be the naughtiest of the bunch but they never fail to stand out and leave a lasting impact to every room they enter. 


It would be best to see them as the James Dean's of the bunch / because they truly are the Rebel's Without a Cause.  Isn't James Dean such a dream. 



Puppies in this category are:


Juneau of Astley Apolinario

Kazbek of Daniel Alvarez

Devil's Paw of Sammy Go

Shadow of Kirby Heinz

Kuma of Ed Palad

Matanushka of John Uy


Type D

The Darlings 


These are the ones who are always very affectionate and will always seek approval from the owners.  They are usually the type that we monitor closely.  They tend to be a little insecure and will usually hesitate before jumping into the pool.  Whenever you pick them up they will always have the tendency to hug your arm instead of wriggling to get away.  These guys will always NEED to be beside you and it will not bother them to sleep on the foot of your bed.  They will constantly lick your face to show their love.  These are the ones who will surely feel sad every time you leave them.  


Type D's will need your help with their self esteem.  They will have enough coming out of Goliath Kennel but the owner's will need to reinforce their courage and social skills.  Them being fearful and clingy might be cute at first, but from the wise words of the Master of all Masters, we all know that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.  Separation anxiety is something we try to correct during the first stages as much as we can. They may seem to be the weakest of the bunch but they will always have the power to warm your hearts. 


There is no greater love than the unconditional love you will receive from the Type D's.





Puppies in this category are:


Sitka of Pan Jhoe Dela Cruz

Gizmo of Mar Ravelo

Ushba of Jun Limgenco

Whittier of Cyril Molina

Bazarduzu of Jose Lagutan

Nome of  Cath Bihag

Addala of Jasper Lin