Goliath Kennel's 






               MALE          AKC Standard         GK Standard             


HEIGHT               25"                            28 - 32" 


   FEMALE     AKC Standard         GK Standard

HEIGHT               23"                           27 - 30"





    MALE          FCI Standard           GK Standard

HEIGHT               26"                           28 - 33"


    FEMALE      FCI Standard           GK Standard

HEIGHT               25"                             27-31"




Other kennel, breeders, importers or pet shops will guarantee you anything you want to hear just to sell the puppies. GK is not in the habit of giving false promises or declarations. Having both giant parents do not 100% guarantee that your puppy will turn out to be a giant as well. If they can guarantee you then ask for a Money Back Policy. If you find another breeder that can give you a money back guarantee for the first litter, guaranteed giants, guaranteed wooly, at the 30 - 40K then we suggest you buy from them.  


GK spends almost Php 1,000 per week, per puppy on milk, food, support, vitamins, supplements. That's 12K per puppy for 3 months. This does NOT include the price of vaccines and de-worming.  The puppies are always 100% healthy and have a very good immune system, GUARANTEED!!


For the ones who can only afford 30-40K and the audacity to demand a giant guarantee on our FIRST LITTER then please try your luck elsewhere, but RESPECT our prices, honesty and straightforwardness.



How to claim this policy:


1. Proof that the puppy was given the right amount of nutrition prescribed by GK, for the first 18 months.

(e.g. Premium Dog Food, Supplements, Vitamins, etc.)


2. Veterinary certificate that the dog has always been in good health and not malnourished in any way.  


3. Update us with pictures of the progress in Goliath Kennel Owners Group every 3 months. Failure to update every three months of the progress of the puppy shall void the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE POLICY.


4. Puppies with UNFORESEEN genetic disorders are not included in the Money Back Policy but will be under our Puppy Replacement Policy instead. If Proven by our in-house veterinarian that the disorder is purely congenital and not acquired





Goliath Kennel's MONEY BACK GUARANTEE only applies to OUR HAND RAISED PUPPIES.  This policy does not include IMPORTS, GRAND PUPS and PARTNER KENNEL's we help rehome. 


In order to claim the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE the buyer needs to follow and monitor closely the development of the puppy using the GOLIATH KENNEL PUPPY CHART provided.