GK Services and why

Goliath Kennel understands that Giants require a higher kind of maintenance and support that most Dog Services can provide.  Our love and care does not end when the puppy leaves our place.  

All the puppies that leave will always have a place in our home...

Our Services were created for this specific purpose, to offer help and support for our previous litters and buyers.  

All the puppies from Goliath Kennel are entitled to Lifetime FREE basic giant grooming and a week's stay in case the owner will be out of town. 

We can also help with rehabilitation and physical therapy if the Giant needs a huge lawn to exercise, run around or recover from a minor sprain. 

We decided to open our gates to all giant / large dogs to help the owners and their gentle giants, because no Giant should be denied of care just because of their size.  They literally do, have the biggest hearts, that's why we all have to do our best to match that with all the love and care we can provide.

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