Points to consider before inquiring about our Giant Canines

FIRST OFF: (especially to the really rude low-ballers)

Monthly maintenance =

Php 10,000 / month / dog x 12months x 12years = Php 1,440,000

*its almost the same amount as a brand new SUV which will also last about 10-12 years.

This is a rough estimate of what it would amount to if you are considering getting a Large -Giant Breed. If you still consider our prices unreasonable please read the detail pages below; and If this part alone, turned you off then please don't bother reading the rest.

Now, for the serious and polite enthusiasts / potential breeders:

Here's what you need to know.


Dogs weighing from 80 - 150 lbs consume an average of 500g - 2 kilos per day depending on the season. During the puppies' growing years (3-24 months) we only (and we suggest that you too) provide them with the best premium dog food available in the market to help them reach their full potential and development. Makes sense? In our case its Dr. Clauder's and Royal Canin which costs about Php 200-300 per kilo that's Php6,000 - 9,000 a month per dog. How much does a kilo of chicken or pork in the supermarket cost? Yes, it's the same amount of us eating out in fast food chains every day, every meal, for 2 years, in GK's case its 10-15years.

You can also opt to provide them with cheaper dog food but we cannot guarantee its size, health and lifespan. Plus if you have the same amount of money to spare why don't you just get a small-medium sized dog and provide it with all the best you can, I guarantee you they will love you just as much as giants would because that's just what dogs do, the question is how much does it take to love them back? Priceless.

*If you can only afford to provide them with leftovers, we sincerely urge you to adopt a stray dog instead, you will be saving their lives and the amount of appreciation will definitely reward you in the future as a compassionate member of the human race.


Part of the development of our puppies, it would also be a sound decision to provide them with supplements because we believe the saying "Prevention is better than cure"

Here's a list of the supplements we provide our dogs, on a regular basis depending on their current life stage.

(Go to your nearest pet shop, pharmacy or veterinary clinic to find out how much they cost)

  • Ceelin

  • Liverolin

  • Pet Tabs

  • Kawu

  • In Diet

  • Refamol

  • Heartgard

  • Frontline

  • Showstopper

  • Raw Food (Fresh sawdust from your local meat shop)

Medications will depend on the weight, do the math do your research. Trust me, it is still cheaper than medicines if they get sick.Less the emotional stress and physical pain it will cause them.

To give you a picture of what it takes let's do an exercise:

Take a price of 1 medication multiply it by the weight needed for a giant breed then multiply it by the times they need to take it in a day then lastly by the days prescribed by your vet.

Prevention seems to be a more and more attractive doesn't it?


You will ideally need at least 2sqm - 3sqm of space for him to freely move and stay in your house. Calculate the lot area of your house and if you can afford 2 - 3 sqm of space for the dog.If you have a 150sqm house will a giant dog be an ideal addition to it?

For dog cages 6 x 6 feet or 1/2 sqm will suffice but we highly discourage keeping them locked up the whole time.

Here are the standard measurements for giant canines and a link on how to compute the ideal space needed

Length:1-1.5 meters / 50 - 60 inches (nose - tail)

Height:70 - 90 cm / 28 - 35 inches


Alaskan Malamutes 75 - 115 lbs / 35 - 45 kg

Caucasian Ovcharkas 100 - 200 lbs / 55 - 100 kg



Given the initial information, Goliath Kennel prides itself in providing nothing but the BEST for all our pets and puppies. The prices also serve as a gauge if the buyers have the financial capability to ensure that they too can provide the best for the puppy we have worked so hard for delivering into this world.

Secondly, If we drive down the prices just to make a quick buck, would it be for the betterment of the BREED? More and more people will have them and will result into one of two things; 1. It is no longer a rare breed and will lose the prestige and appeal of owning one. 2. More and more people will have a chance to exploit it in terms of breeding, they will no longer be selling the quality of the dog and the improvement of the pedigree but instead just the breed itself (in paper). Regardless if it turns out to not have at the very least the standard a breed should posses. Not to mention undesirable practices like inbreeding and mix breeding, which brings you back to the bottom line of earning a quick buck. The homes we are looking for, for our puppies are either well off, fortunate or have their priorities in check.

We have decided to collect and share this information from our experience and research in order to address the overacting comments that the dogs we produce are overpriced. It could also simply mean that some people would like to acquire one but realistically cannot afford to at their point in time or current state of living. It's fine, this page wasn't made just to SELL puppies, everyone is welcome to admire, study and we would even gladly open our gates by schedule if you really want to spend time with our giant pets. They only have a lifespan of 10-15 years to share with us, we do not want to keep them all to ourselves, but please refrain from sending negative comments. Please find another page, group of website to vent out your insecurities and frustrations in life.

*Please don't be rude when inquiring, it is our obligation to find the best homes that CAN provide them with the love and care they deserve.

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