Why are Goliath Puppies a bit more expensive.

Why are our Giants a bit more expensive?

We price them quite high to ensure that they go to a responsible and financially capable owner. One who can provide them with the best care, nutrition and supplements money can buy. Let's be honest not all the love in the world can provide what these pets need.

A veterinarian visits us once a week to help us make sure that we provide ALL our pets with everything they need. We also provide them with the best and highest quality dog food available in the market which costs 300/kg and we own 15 - 20 giants. At 1k/dog/day that's 180k / month This doesn't even count for the supplements needed. ALL our pets are also bathed once/twice a week also with the highest quality soap and shampoo available to ensure the health of their fur and skin. Daily walks and exercise are also mandatory in our kennel. We have 2 split type 2HP air conditions that run 24/7 our meralco bill ranges from 20-30K a month.

When it comes to puppies we provide them with the best milk supplement to aid the weaning dam. We also give the dam yogurt and cultured milk along with moringa capsules and supplements to help her produce milk. The puppies are given puppy boost and vitamins (ceelin cherifer, tikitiki, liverolin, in diet, etc.) to keep them away from illness and to ensure that their immunity is always at its peak. We isolate them and they stay in our bedroom with 100% close supervision until they complete their 2nd vaccine.

I hope that this explains why we priced our puppies that high. Please keep in mind that our love for these wonderful creatures ALWAYS "supersedes" our NEED for financial gain. We honestly do not need the money what we want is to share the experience of owning this breed.

Pricing and the Philippine market:

We keep the prices at a range to keep the prestige of owning one and to eliminate breeders who sell them cheap regardless of the quality. There are a lot of breeders selling theirs at 30k (standard size) some people will definitely grab this offer because it's almost half the price. What we can promise you is that after two years and you follow all our advice those 30k malamutes will also be half the size. Imagine if we drop down the prices like with what happened with Great Danes and St. Bernards, then every tom, dick and harry would own one not realizing the weight of what it takes to maintain the breed, which eventually results to the decline and sacrifice in quality. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw an immaculate specimen of a Great Dane and St Bernard in the Philippines. That's also why we only sell to the families and homes that can provide them with the best.

All buyers of Goliath Kennel can request for a notarized contract and will automatically be eligible to our benefits like lifetime free grooming, free boarding, money back / buy back policies etc. Because we do not just sell dogs we improve the line and the entire lives of all our puppies.

Another way of looking at it:

We can and will provide you with the best ingredients (e.g. the choicest part of meat, the freshest non-gmo vegetables, organic herbs and spices) but we have no control over how you cook the food and put them altogether. That's the difference between chef's and cooks.

In essence, Goliath Kennel can only provide you with the gene, pedigree and initial delicate care. Your role from 3-12 months (growth months) will have a huge effect on the total outcome of the dog. However you treat them during these important months should be very different from when they reach their peak/full potential at 2-3years. So please consider everything and research everything before considering this investment. Remember that it is not a material item like a car that you can expect to perform perfectly over the first 3 years and expect guaranteed results (even cars don't give that guarantee).

A standard malamute worth 30-40 k usually weighs up to 75 lbs max

our giants weights at about 75 - 120 lbs.

If you can make them healthier, bigger and woollier than us then we will be the happiest people on the planet. Let's all be in this for the benefit of the breed and not just the right or bragging rights to be able to declare that you own one in paper.

Lastly, if you cannot afford it at this time, it's alright. You are making a responsible judgment call and we admire you for that. On the other hand if you really want to experience the joy of these giants then choose a Sunday afternoon and visit our kennel instead. Of course proper sanitation is required before entering but our gates are always open for kennel visits to help you consider how much do you really want to own one. Treat it as a free test drive and spend the day with our Goliaths.

Have a good day and thanks for dropping by.

-Goliath Kennel


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