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The demand exists...

Five years ago, we decided to celebrate our 50,000 followers on Facebook and open our modest 1000sqm backyard to the public; it took us a couple of months in preparation and a couple of weeks of promotion.


Hundreds of people showed up, and the demand was so high, that we had to create the GK FREE Sunday Kennel Visits and run it for a couple more years. This demand made us realize that there are a lot of people who wants a place to visit where they can bring their dogs to run as free as possible without the anxiety of something bad happening to them. 


This endeavor is the only one in the entire Philippines and possibly even Asia or Southeast Asia. 

An animal sanctuary and resort specifically made to cater to pets and pet owners. 


We are currently looking for 10 investors with the same passion for animals that believe this is a great and highly profitable market that is yet to be tapped.

No more than 10 investors, to help us make this rare concept into a reality.  


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